In today’s ever changing market it pays to be ahead of the curve. Take your marketing to the next level by utilizing the latest in technology to help standout from the crowd. How many potential customers have you lost because they were unaware of promotions in your store? Wouldn’t it be great if those potential customers could gain valuable information about your products and services through their phones, anytime day or night?

TAGs are barcodes on steroids. While barcodes are limited in their functionality, TAGs have near limitless possibilities. Your TAG could point to your website, promotional information or even be linked to your phone number. When scanned it will take your potential customers to the information they need.

Are you a statistic junkie? Wouldn’t you love to know how many people are viewing your promotions on a daily basis? Every time your TAG is scanned it is recorded, so you can view how successful your campaign is on a daily basis. With access to this kind of information, you can test different forms of marketing and find out which technique produces the best results, making your efforts more efficient.

We offer complete packages that include: Custom TAGS, Landing Pages, Business Cards, PDF/JPG files for other advertisements. In addition, we manage the back office of your landing pages. All for less than the cost of a cup of coffee per day!