Find out what TAGs can do for you



Find out what TAGs can do for you


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Find out what TAGs can do for you

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Get started on your very own adventure in discovering what TAGs can do for you.  It is easy to get started, just take the first step and download the app at on your mobile phone.

Be a part of this exciting new world that is emerging, thanks to TAGs. You now have the tools that are necessary to go out and explore. Imagine the possibilities, what can TAGs do for your business?

Learn More About TAGs

TAG Technology allows you to have a world of information right at your fingertips. Not only are TAGs easy to use, the TAG reader app is completely free and can be downloaded directly to your smartphone. TAGs can transform almost anything in the world into an active link to more information. You will find TAGs on real estate signs, newspapers, magazine articles, product packages, business cards, storefront windows, on TV, on coupons and I could go on and on.  If you can think it, we can TAG it!

A Closer Look at The Digital World

From you mobile phone, you can scan a TAG and receive instant access to information, websites, reviews, videos, and so much more.  Microsoft TAG is a new kind of barcode that provides information about almost anything in the real world to consumers through their smartphone. You can add a TAG to your ads, real estate signs, posters, product packages, clothing, cars, menus, business cards, and the list goes on.  The possibilities are endless.

Quick Facts

The estimated number of Americans that will be using smartphones in 2011 is 142.8 million.  The number of people accessing the internet through their mobile phones is growing fast and is expected to overtake the PC as the most popular way to get on the web within five years.  Now is the time to implement TAGs into your business and take advantage of this shift.

The range of businesses that can effectively use TAGs is unlimited.  Everyday TAGs are being adopted by new industries across the globe.


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